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Posted on Jan 10, 2020

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How does radiant floor heating work

Radiant heating works on the principle of thermal radiation emission and transfers through the air without heating it. The energy converts into heat only when the radiation hits the walls, floor, ceiling and the objects within the space.
Radiant heating happens with near to zero heat loss, because the air doesn't absorb or retain any part of the heat. The difference in temperature between the source and the target objects has no impact on the heat transfer rate. That means the process of object heating happens within a few seconds. The increase in temperature can happen multiple times compared to the temperature of the source.

Radiant Heat Transmission – Smooth and Efficient
The ambient temperature within the living space depends on the radiant heating design. The basic element is the design of radiant panels and tubes. Panel material could be steel, copper, or any other heat-conducting and retaining element. The front end of the panel should be highly reflective and the rear end should be insulated.

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