Posted on Dec 11, 2018

DHL Mechanical -Calgary Boiler Repairs

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Is your company licensed to do the work? Only hire contractors that are compliant with your local licensing requirements.
How long will the maintenance inspection take? A standard HVAC inspection should take roughly an hour per HVAC system.
How is the system operating? Does the contractor listen to your concerns or ask about your issues?
Does the maintenance agreement include a safety inspection to make sure the HVAC system is installed according to code? It is important that the equipment is installed according to code to ensure proper safety, energy efficiency and much more.
Will you review the Standard 180 based maintenance requirements for your varied HVAC systems with me? Some maintenance tasks may need to be performed between contractor visits.
Does the maintenance plan include evaluating the equipment’s performance? The equipment must be checked in order to ensure proper and efficient performance.
Will you review the maintenance issues with me? It is important that you understand what issues were found and the proper courses of action to fix those issues.
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