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Posted on Oct 1, 2019

DHL Mechanical

Radiant Heating Experts In Calgary - WE KNOW BOILERS.
What does a boiler service include?

Boiler services can be periodical, breakdown, or preventive types. They start with cleaning and parts
inspection. The expert identifies all the aging and corroding parts and replaces them. He can also weld
the cracks and fix the other minor flaws. Replacement of oil and lubricants is the next part of periodical
Inspection Procedures
Visual-Inspection is the first step in boiler service. The expert checks the valves, pipes, and parts for any
physical damage like cracks and wear. Inspection of the burner, motor, and fuel systems is the next
stage of inspection. The expert recommends immediate preventive measures when any flaw is found on
visual inspection.
An expert repairer can use thermal inspection camera to detect probable internal damages within the
boiler. He suggests part repair or replacement based on the intensity and volume of damages.
Flue-check is an important part of service inspection. Safe fitting of the flue with no congestion ensures smooth running with zero risks.
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