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Posted on Jan 7, 2020

DHL Mechanical

FAQs about Radiant Heating System

Is radiant floor heating cost effective?

Yes, the radiant floor heating is cost effective if you look at the other alternatives for heating. Radiant floor heating system runs twenty to forty percent more efficiently than traditional heating systems. It may cost according to the usage, electricity rate, and other factors. The regions where the weather is extreme and the demand is high the electricity charges tend to high.

What is a radiant heat system?

The radiant heat system is a heating system which is designed to provide warm feel and comfort in the house through infrared radiation during winters. This system works through a complex structure of pipes or coils installed either under the floor, walls, or ceiling. Radiant heat system heats the objects and bodies in the room through infrared radiation to make the environment cozy and comfortable throughout the colder season of the year.

Which is better-forced air or radiant heat?

The air-forced heating system uses air as a medium of spreading heat in the area. The heat is carried through the air from heating source and travel upwards to the ceiling. Air-forced systems are not suitable for residential areas as they not very cost effective
Radiant heat is more effective and comfortable as compared to the forced air. Radiant heat is known to be thirty percent more efficient and perform its function quietly.
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